Elise adores community and brand visioning.
Scott thrives on organization and business success.
Together we’ve taught and branded
Over 1,400 creative entrepreneurs.
dear friend,
Perhaps you’ve followed our brand for some time. Or perhaps we’ve just barely met. But before we get started, we want you to know one thing: around here, we believe in freedom. The kind of freedom that allows you to pursue your passion, work with your dream clients, and build a business that you OWN (and that doesn’t own you).
Each and every class we’ve created is designed to:
> Make complex information and strategies easy and exciting.
> Help your business thrive by tapping into your unique strengths + goals.
> Give you the tools to work faster and better, so you can start living more.
Over the last several years, we’ve coached and branded over a thousand creative entrepreneurs all over the world. Along the way, we’ve adopted tools, habits, and philosophies that have helped transform our lives and the lives of others, both personally and professionally. And each step of the way we’ve asked ourselves this: how can we give more? How can we help more entrepreneurs? How can we make our ideas accessible and affordable beyond just custom branding packages? Every time we’ve asked ourselves these questions, the calling got stronger. Help more. Give more. Teach more.
Thus, our online classes for creative entrepreneurs were born.
These classes were developed after much trial, error, and personal experience both with building our brand, building hundreds of other brands, and observing the brands of those around us. At some point, we realized that people truly wanted MORE from their lives and businesses, but they just lacked the right tools and training to help get them there. Well, we can promise you this: each and every class you sign up for will get you one step (or 10 or 100 steps) closer to where you want to be.
This is just the start, the soft launch of something new and exciting.
The question is, will you join us?!
See you in class!
Scott + Elise Grice
Join our band of dreamers and find out when new dates + classes appear.